I’m having a crisis where I don’t know if I should continue my course of action through uni (anthropology/psychology with animal science courses on the side) or if I should take explosives to my current course and put myself back on track with anthrozoology at another university, potentially wasting the years of my life I’ve already spent.

I hate decisions.

Just got the the job I’ve been waiting for since December!

I am going to be working with an organization that provides services to low income families with children who need extra care.

Super excited!


…regarding the puppy from your last post. Here’s what I’m assuming are mom and dad? They had a litter born December/January, so the timing sounds right and it’s from the right kennel. (Sorry for being so nosy, @whiskeyrat! Your pup is cute!)


(Described as “very low content” mix of Alaskan Husky, Malamute, and wolfdog.)

Wolf Hybrid puppies/ Wolf dogs


(Described as Malamute x wolf[dog].)

Wolf Hybrid puppies/ Wolf dogs

I’m no expert, but dad, at least, looks like he could be a lower or mid-lower content wolfdog to me. Mom looks like a dog, but I have a hard time telling low contents, especially when they have Malamute in them.

What do you think, non-wolfdogs? I can’t find better pictures than this. I found out that one of my friends is close with this breeder, though, so I’m going to ask about her dogs.

yourdogisnotawolf I don’t want to sound rude, but your writing comes across very rigid sometimes, without reason—especially when labeling breeds. I like your point and goals, but it’s ok to be unsure or to call in back-up. It doesn’t sacrifice any expertise or professionalism.

Just my 2 cents. :(

Keep bein’ awesome.





My special little wolf boy

#wolfdog #low content wolfdog #timber wolf #wolfksi #wolfamute #tokiwolfdog

This is a really cute pup! He does not appear to be a wolfdog though. He has big thin ears, partial snow nose, short and stocky legs, a big head, defined facial mask and all over colorations, light nails, short face, and his ears were still partially flopped at an older age than a wolf or wolfdog’s would be(they’re completely erect very early). Did you buy him from a “wolfdog” breeder? Because it seems like you were mislead. From his build and markings I would guess he is a Siberian Husky/Malamute/GSD(I don’t think those ears would come from the husky or Malamute, they’re too tall and narrow!)

Yes, I got him from a wolfdog breeder. I know his lineage. Just because he shows traits of his other breeds doesn’t mean there’s no wolf in him, he’s very low content. And his ears aren’t flopped at all. Not even a little. I could breed a wolf dog with a bulldog, he’s going to get some bulldog traits, it’s not all going to be wolf looking.

What breeder did you get him from? There are a lot of false wolfdog breeders out there. Low content wolfdogs do show wolf traits, while this dog shows none. And you’re right, you could breed a wolfdog with a bulldog and you’d see bulldog traits..BUT you’d see wolf traits too. (Unlike this pup.) Once there are no traits, the wolf has been bred out of the dog. So maybe(just maybe, I haven’t seen photos and I don’t know the breeder so I don’t know) maybe he does have wolfdog in his past, but he is not a wolfdog. I’d be curious to see his parents though, if you have images, I’m guessing they aren’t wolfdogs either.

And I was talking about an early image of him where his ears are bent at the tip, where wolves and wolfdogs have no bends.

Looks like a Malamute to me.

Malamute puppy ears can appear huge around this age, from my experience. I know London’s were. My last Mal, too.

Looks like this pup came from AE Kennel, who does appear to have low contents along with Mal/Sibe mixes.

I dream of a day I can post my dogs on imgur or reddit without people thinking they’re wolves or wolfdogs.

Like, what about my curly-tailed dogs makes you think they’re a wolf? Is it color? Coz, you know, Bloodhounds come in agouti. Spanish Mastiffs come in agouti. I bet they’re wolfdogs, too.